It All Starts with Thinking Differently

Tools to give both people and organizations a way to think faster, better and smarter and provide you with a competitive advantage!

OYG is in business to help people and teams solve problems and deal with change. Through a unique strategic process that utilizes creative problem-solving tools, we help give you and your people the tools that they need to solve their problems in real time. We provide measurable, customized career management and talent development solutions to help both people and organizations deal with change and become top performers.

We offer a variety of unique programs and assessment tools for both individuals and organizations including:

Through our work with organizations and individuals, numerous articles for a wide range of noted publications and our books, we have established ourselves as leaders in the area of helping both individuals and organizations create viable options that give them a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.

Our Promise

It is our promise that our work with you will have a positive bottom-line affect for your organization.  We believe in return on investment and promise to deliver services that save or make you money.

It is our guarantee that we will help you create a number of viable options and strategies for any problems or challenges that either you or your organization face!