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Practical Innovation

The 'Hows' and 'Whys'

What is it that some businesses last only a few years while others last centuries?  The answer lies in their ability to continuously innovate.  The issue is that most people don't want 'creativity' or 'innovation'.  "That is the way we have always done things around here." they might say.

Stay Interviews

Has anybody ever thought about the logic of asking people why they are leaving when they have one foot planted out the door?

Why You Can't Replace Myths with Good Information

or Why You Can't Change People's Preconceived Ideas No Matter what the Facts

How do you know when you have lost an argument? 

How to Build a Culture of Innovation and Change 

With Disruptive Technology and Influencers, 'Innovation' and 'Creativity' shouldn't be confined to the wall in reception

 It was one of those rare moments of candour you get when dealing with senior management. “I know that our mission statement talks about innovation and creativity,” an executive once hesitantly told me. “But we really don’t want people thinking outside the box. We just want to make the box cheaper.”

What Do You Do with the Survivors?

How career transition services can also be used to help those who have survived the lay-offs and outplacement

We had a project at a large financial services institution a few years back.  They had read my second book Flexible Thinker Guide to Extreme Career Performance and decided to bring us in to do a series of half-day workshops to help their employees manage their own careers.

Faster, Better, Cheaper

Tying learning into real organizational results

I always love to hear course design guru Thiagi speak (www.thiaigi.com). He consistently gets away with saying things that no other keynote in the world can. At the International Alliance of Learning (www.ialearn.org), I had the privilege once again in hearing his ‘pearls of wisdom’. Strangely enough, it was not just what he said that intrigued but the hand-out. He put together a list of principles and procedures that in my opinion provide a very good basis for course design and that we have applied in our courses. Here are his 12 principles for faster, better, cheaper course design:

Turning Survey Results into Action

A Practical Approach to Employee Engagement

You have done your employee surveys. Now comes the tough part - turning numbers into action. The survey can be either your greatest weapon in employee engagement or your worst enemy. If you act on and follow through with the surveys, people will become engaged because they feel that they have a voice. If not, it will have a detrimental effect as 'another empty iniative'. 

The Actor's Way for Facilitation

The thing I remember most about my Six Sigma training was the facilitator. An engineer in his late 50’s, he had white hair and a wrinkled shirt. I remember walking into the room and seeing something I had not seen in many years – an overhead with a large stack of acetates next to it.

Can You Have Too Much Diversity?

Replacements Ltd. has always taken a great deal of pride in receiving the first perfect score for the Corporate Equality Index. 

Does Human Resources Have an Impact?

Let's ship all the jobs to China!

How to Create and Effective Onboarding Strategy

I was reading on the internet that 80% of all new hires decide within the first 6 months whether they are going to stay with their current employers or begin looking for ‘new opportunities’.

Creating a Culture of Learning

Training doesn’t work! 

They Won't Buy if They are Asleep

Why presentation skills are essential for sales

Christmas was going to come early. I was about to see some I was going to have a chance to see cutting edge technology that a leading corporation would be unveiling.

7 Ways to Attract and Retain Talent

Most organizations never utilize their greatest asset in the battle for top talent - their culture. A number of studies have been done on attitudes of what people are looking for in the workplace. However, if you think of it in terms of what motivates you in your career, many of the items on our list simply follow common sense.

Why Most Organizations Hate Real Diversity

Growing up in a Jewish home, I never really understood what it was like to know the disappointment a child feels when they finally learn there is no Santa. That was until recently. 

Moving Beyond the Mission Statement

Innovation and creativity shouldn't be confined to a wall in reception

It was one of those rare moments of candor you get when dealing with senior
management. “I know that our mission statement talks about innovation and creativity,” an executive once hesitantly told me. “But we really don’t want
people thinking outside the box. We just want to make the box cheaper.”

Using Multiple Intelligences to Build a Culture of Learning

"I am a visual learner." commented one workshop participant. "But they tell me that the only way I can learn is to experience it. I need to both see and do in order to really internalize the material. So what does that make me?"

A Strategy for Learning by Example

My Uncle Jack never wrote a book on leadership. I would be surprised if he even ever read one, much less attended a leadership workshop. He is not an expert in learning design, high performance consulting or how to engage any of the generations in the workplace.

Teamwork Tango

As a lifelong dancer, and a dance teacher of various forms of partner dancing, I have always focused not so much on teaching specific steps, as on how to work together.