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Our programs are designed to give people and organizations the tools to become top performers and measure their performance.  We understand that each organization is unique so we tailor all of our courses to make sure that they are specifically relevant to you and your organization.

Our Approach - Using Accelerated Learning

We are proud to apply the principles of accelerated to all of our courses. Whether it is the development of customized courses and curriculum for our clients or our list of courses that are currently in our catalogue, we believe in highly interactive and learner-friendly courses that ensure maximum retention of knowledge.

What is Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated learning is the most effective form of trainng and knowledge transfer fot both adults and children. Using whole brain research, accelerated learning combines aspects of established learning theory with brain-based approaches in order to engage learners, create high retention levels and sustainable change. Accelerated does not necessarily mean faster, it means better. Discovered by Dr. Prof. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian professor and psychotherapist, accelerated learning applies whole brain techniques such as Gardiner's Multiple Intelligences to have a retention rate of 60-70% a year after the training event whereas traditional learning gives the participant approximately 5-10% retention levels 2 weeks after the learning event.

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